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Helping You Understand Today's 

Financial Environment.

It May Be Time for a Financial Checkup.
We Can Help You Build a Healthier Future.

What We Do

We understand that individuals face unique challenges as they prepare for retirement. We can help take the mystery out of preparing for today and tomorrow. Whether your goal is saving for retirement or college, protecting your family & assets, minimizing your taxes, or preparing a complicated estate strategy - our personalized service focuses on your needs, wants, and financial goals & objectives.

There has been a major shift in responsibility when it comes to Retirement Planning.  Defined Benefit Plans (Pensions) have largely been replaced by Defined Contribution Plans (401ks).  The options that used to be the norm have fundamentally changed.  The burden has now been placed on individuals, not employers, to both accumulate enough savings and develop a distribution strategy.  A financial advisor can be your guide by helping you develop a financial strategy that effectively uses all of the tools available to potentially improve your retirement outcomes. 
• Investments & Wealth Accumulation strategies
• Retirement Income Planning
• Life Insurance & Annuities
• Estate Planning strategies
• Employee Benefit and Retention services
• Business Continuation/Succession strategies
• Disability & Long Term Care Insurance

• Tax Planning strategies

Your Financial Life Can Be Complicated.
We'll Help You Get Organized and Focused.

How Can We Be A Resource To You?

Initial Call

Schedule a call.  We will ask you questions. You will have the opportunity to ask us questions. We want to get to know you and your situation.  After we talk, we'll decide if it makes sense to continue our conversation further.

Discovery Meeting

Our planning process begins with you, understanding what is unique about you, the challenges of today, your goals and your vision for the future. We'll listen and begin crafting a custom plan to help you get where you want to go.  We will provide insight and clarity to the financial strategies that will sculpt your future.

Review Meetings & Service

We'll help you monitor your plan and help you stay on track.  Review meetings are designed to reinforce our commitment to your goals and give you the opportunity for ongoing collaboration and adjustment to your financial strategies.  Our goal is to have a long-term, trusting relationship with our clients so we can serve you and your best interests.

Matthew Boudreaux Photo

Matthew Boudreaux

Financial Professional, Coach & Educator

Am I saving enough for retirement?  Are my investment strategies appropriate to meet my goals?  Am I (or will I be in the future) paying too much in taxes?  Am I properly protected when it comes to uncertainties?  These are the questions that led me to become a financial coach and advisor.

My professional background is in education and ministry - 2 career paths that usually don't lend themselves to making someone a "high-income earner".  I waited longer than I should have to begin asking myself those questions.  And it was then when I discovered that I needed a financial advisor to help me with this process.  Through my personal planning journey, I learned that financial planners do exactly what I had always done in other areas - educate, set goals, and coach people to reach their finish line.  It became something that seemed to be a natural fit for me to pursue.

Since becoming a financial professional, I've learned how much I enjoy helping people develop their own financial goals and planning strategies.  Once we understand your circumstances and goals, we help you create a plan to help you live the retirement that you envision.  With a mix of investment management, insurance protection, and cash flow projections, we build a long-lasting relationship that gives you the confidence in planning for your future.

A little bit about me personally - My wife and I stay busy with our 4 children and all the activities that their ages bring (7-17).  We enjoy live music, college football, and being outdoors.

Getting Started is Easy.

Have a question?  Let's talk!
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